Amazon FBA delivery operation process

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1. Register with FBA

Click Fulfillment by Amazon to enter the Amazon Service page, click Fulfillment by Amazon, fill in the company name and tick the box that agrees to Amazon's terms and agreement, select FBA service to register successfully.

2. Turn the goods into FBA SKU

Click Inventory on the home page to select the SKU to be fulfilled, select "Change to Fulfill by Amazon" in the Action, or, after multiple selections, click "Actions" to select "Change to Fulfill by Amazon", so that the product can be turned into FBA SKU.

3. Confirm FBA products

After selecting the FBA item to be shipped, the page will skip to the next page and click "Convert Only" to confirm the FBA shipment.


4. Create shipping plan

-Set Quantity

-Prepare Products

-Label Products

-Review Shipments

-Prepare Shipment

-Shipping service(The seller selects the shipping Method and the Shipping carrier)

-Summary(Fill in the logistics tracking number, get the tracking number and mark the status of the order has been shipped.)


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