Send / replenish to FBA operation center

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Generally, we can choose to create a new stock in plan (or add it to the original plan to reduce the probability of warehouse splitting). Fill in the package size information, which can also be set in the inventory file, and then fill in the delivery quantity. Before delivery, Amazon delivery quantity table should be prepared, the factory inventory information should be well connected, and the specific delivery quantity of each SKU should be correctly filled in to avoid business trip.


After confirming the quantity, download and print the FBA label and paste it on the carton. Please note that FNSKU, SKU and ASIN are all one-to-one correspondence, and errors should be avoided here. For products sent to the United States, it should be marked "Made in China" on each carton. For new goods, the general name of the goods is: name - Product abbreviation - air / sea - quantity, so as to distinguish the responsible person.