US – DDP by Fast Sea & Air (door to door service)

Based on each airport and seaport in US, it's one-stop logistics service by cargo aircraft or passenger-carrying aircraft, by sea and land integrated experience activity of shipping goods to US, including domestic and overseas customs clearance, export, import customs taxes at destination.


1. By Air + UPS/Fedex delivery


Hongkong/Mainland/South Korea flights optional

Flight time: the second or third day

Direct flights take 8-12 hours, transfer flights, fast 3-4 days, slow 5-6 days to arrive at the airport of destination.

Additional delivery time: on the third or fourth day, after the flight is confirmed to take off, the forwarder will send the airway bill to the destination in the United States. We will make an appointment with the consignee for delivery. When the goods arrive at the airport, which can be delivered by truck at the same day or next day.

Regarding pure battery, cosmetics and other sensitive products need normal export customs clearance.


2. By Sea+UPS delivery


-- Yantian :( LTL, FCL service is available, and UPS delivery to let the products to shelves quickly for selling)

Shipping schedules: ETC from Monday to Thursday, ETD Sunday

loading on the same day, no wait.

Shipping time: 14-16 working days after sailing, and 1-5 days for UPS delivery

-- Mason fast sea:

Shipping schedules: ETC Thursday, ETD Tuesday or ETC Saturday, ETD Wednesday

Shipping time: 11 working days after sailing, and 1-5 days for UPS delivery

The cost by sea but it’s fast delivery time by air.


3. By Express (UPS/DHL)

Fast delivery time: 3-4 working days, no need appointment

Directly cooperate with Hongkong/Mainland authorities, best price can be offered.

More than 95% of the goods below 800USD are duty-free.


Delivery Process

  • 1. Pick up goods

    We pick up goods after confirm order with you.

  • 2. Send PI to customer

    We confirm with gross weight and carton size,we received payment with you

  • 3. Load container

    Update ETD,ETA to you

  • 4. Ship Sailing


  • 5. Customs clearance in advance

    one week before ship arrive port

  • 6. Ship arrive port

    we make appointment of pickup container

  • 7. Delivery goods

    By UPS or truck or FCL delivery directly

  • 8. Goods arrived

    Amazon or 3PL warehouse