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General knowledge of international logistics

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1. Choose the logistics mode according to the product characteristics! For example, some products can't be cleared by the four express delivery, such as Rolex watch, LV bag and other famous products! Some products can be transferred to Hong Kong or Dubai to avoid some customs regulations reasonably!

2. Choose logistics mode according to the destination of products! Some countries' customs have relatively relaxed customs clearance for express delivery mode with certain characteristics! At present, countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. Please try to choose air transport or EMS express delivery.

3. According to the contact relationship of the consignee in the local customs, choose the express delivery way! For example, to Russia, Kazakhstan and many African countries, which have more gray customs clearance.

4. Select express or airline according to the transfer route of express company! For example, select Australia as the transfer route for sensitive goods to South America! Generally choose EY or EK air to the Middle East.