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Policy regulation, ship company becomes the biggest winner

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Under the current complex domestic and foreign forms, China's foreign trade development still faces many challenges.With the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, cross-border e-commerce is facing challenges as well as opportunities, and the whole cross-border supply chain is in a very chaotic state.Various situations occur frequently: lack of boxes, lack of storage space, dock congestion......Affecting the normal supply chain demand of the whole export industry.It is inevitable that the fast ship will slow down and the general ship will slow down even more.Even freight prices to rise in all kinds of ways, ship company crazy harvest leek, charge multifarious.With the start of the peak season and continued congestion at major ports around the world, port congestion has spread around the world, with more and more container ships on five continents waiting for berths.Starting in August, shipping companies began to impose congestion charges, as well as various additional value-added surcharges.

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