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How to choose a reliable shipping agent?

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We all agree that the stable delivery time of  international logistics is very important.

So it's great of importance to choose  a reliabel, professional, trusted shipping agent.


1.Company qualification, years of establishment and strength.

2.Customs clearance capacity, directly affects the clearance and release of goods, safety and timeliness.

3.Back-end delivery capability: fast, not easy to damage and lose goods.


Gorto team is committed to continuous improvement of service, continuously improve the efficiency, strengthen management, and strive to make customer satisfaction and agent. We have always carried out the "customer, agent" as the center, "quality service" as the purpose; to customer, agent requirements for the mission; to all partners for the purpose of profit. We value every customer and agent's Commission and faithfully deliver the customer's express and goods to the destination quickly, accurately and safely.

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