How to create a shipping plan in the Amazon Seller Central

release time:2013-01-18 | article source:

Step 1: Open the Manage Inventory page of Seller Central and select all the products you want to ship to Amazon Logistics.Selection, click on the drop-down menu and select Send/Replenish the Inventory.


Step 2: Click Create New Shipping Plan, then select your Ship From, which could be an address where you purchase or store inventory. It could be a warehouse, or your home or other address.With the Ship From address added, click Continue to Shipping Plan.


Step 3: Click on All Products, which displays the full inventory list that you have selected to send to Amazon.In the Units column for each product, enter the total number of products to be sent.


Step 4: Now, it's time to prepare your product.Under the Who Preps option, if you want Amazon to do all the product preparation on your behalf, you can choose Amazon.Remember, this is a project based service.If you choose to prepare your own product, please click on the Prep Required option and view the product preparation guide of your choice.


Step 5: Next, you need to label your product with an UPC, EAN, or Amazon barcode so that Amazon Logistics can track it once it arrives.Click Placement Required to view the complete list of products that require barcodes. Under the Who Labels option, select FBA Label Service(also charged as item), or select Merchant to Label your product yourself.

If you choose to Label yourself, go to the Label Products Page and click Print Labels for this Page.Be sure to use a quality printer and fill it out with appropriate stickers/labels.After the labels are printed, you can attach them to your product.


Step 6: You will enter the Review Shipments page which will show the Shipments to one or more Shipments center.After you review all Shipments details, please click Approve Shipments to proceed to the next step.


Step 7: After approving the Shipment, you will be directed to the Prepare Shipment page, where you can choose the delivery method.You first choose a delivery company, then choose the number of boxes you want to use and the delivery time, and finally pay for the delivery.Depending on the shipping method you choose, FBA will instruct you to print the packing label, which you can then attach to the goods to facilitate picking.