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International express packaging requirements

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General provisions for express packing in international transportation:

The packing must be strong, sound, light, to prevent the loss, leakage, breakage of packing material in the process of transportation.

The nature, status and weight, the shape of packing should be suitable for the goods, and convenient transportation, handling and stacking.

In the specific conditions of the cargo, animal, such as perishable goods, the packing should meet the specific requirements of the goods.

The characteristics of small express mail goods (such as small sample), must be additional volume of wooden cases or cartons (with filling pad), after the packaging of express mail goods volume of length and width, a total of not less than 40CM, while the minimum of not less than 5CM.

The package in advance materials (such as wood, paper scraps) can not leak.

If the goods do not meet the requirements of the packaging of goods, should be explained to the shipper, the shipper requires modification or re packaging before being shipped.

Two. Special packing requirements for some goods:

* piano, ceramics, arts and crafts, etc., emphasis or valuables, please use wooden cases.

1) the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, and other countries, on unprocessed logs or wood packaging, there are strict rules, must carry out fumigation in the original export country, and show that the fumigation certificate, importer may accept the import of goods. Otherwise, the goods will be fined or returned to the original exporting country.

2) the European regulations for the wooden packing of pine trees require that the goods be imported must be certified by the Quarantine Bureau of the original exporting country: no evidence of insect damage.

3) the wooden furniture after processing needs no fumigation.

* ordinary daily articles such as books, various appliances, etc. can be packed in strong cartons, and it is better to do moistureproof treatment.

* fragile items, it is best to fill things with good, to avoid damage.

4) conditions permit, laying a waterproof layer in the carton (such as: plastic bags, cloth, etc.).

* in a package, the weight items should be placed in a reasonable manner so that they can be carried.

* fill in the last bin in the box and fill it up with toilet paper, paper towels, small clothes, etc. in case the articles in the box are turned and collided during the moving and moving process.

* liquid cargo. The container must have 5-10% space, must not leak tight sealing Ping.

* powdery cargo. The powder shall not be leaked.

* delicate, fragile, fragile goods. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should be no more than 25 kg. It can be packed in multiple levels, suspended in packs, in reverse packaging or in glassware.