Japan – Double customs clearance – delivery to door

Japan is to the door to double Japan airport, port based, or by cargo cargo transport aircraft and by the arrival of the goods at the sea and land integration and experience activities ground transportation, to achieve through the sea to Japan, domestic and overseas including customs clearance, export package, package destination country imports, one-stop logistics service pack tax.

To solve the customs case if the flight time, the day can fly; the general arrangements for second days or third days of flight, when the season, or the route time warehouse explosion, it is difficult to predict, the need to advance booking, row warehouse, airlines and other specific flight time.

Flight time: second to third days

Non-stop flight 8-12 hours, transfer flights, fast 3-4 days, a slow 5-6 days to reach the port of destination. Delivery and delivery time: third to fourth days, confirm the flight after takeoff, freight will be sent to Europe to be a bill of lading, the goods at the port of destination, the consignee has advance booking and arrange delivery trucks, same day delivery, or delivery time sent to the door.

Delivery prcoess

  • 1. Preparing goods

    Prepare the goods, paste FBA label, provide CI, PL, declaration elmentss Amazon reference ID, shipment ID to us.

  • 2. Pick up & Check goods

    GORTO pick up goods to our warehouse, worker check the goods package size, weight and label information.

  • 3. Transport way

    To confirm the transporta way: by air, sea or express special line

  • 4. Delivery goods with documents

    Checking files info, documents making, operate sheet order, delivery.

  • 5. Export transport

    Export customs clearance, flight departure, sea shipping

  • 6. Professional clearance

    Arrived at the destination airport, port, professional team clearance

  • 7. Delivery goods

    Complete the customs clearance, then delivery goods to distination service agent.

  • 8. Good upload on Amazon

    Booking warehouse, cargo arrive Amazon warehouse safety