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Advantages of Gorto DDP sea shipping

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1. Safety and Fast

We load containers in our warehouse every week, we can track all process to assure goods safety & on-time. 

Our workers can deal with our own customer's problem in the first time.


2. Strong customs clearance ability

Because our service is DDP, we do the customs clearance 7-10 days in advance. 

And we will do all the things for you.

Compared the DDU service from other forwarders, the customer need to do customs clearance by himself or find a broker when goods arrived.


3. Rich experience to save your time and cost

We have 13+ years experience in international transportation, most of our customers give us good reviews. 

And some customers grow up with us, now they are big companies and keep good cooperation with us. They have no worries to handle goods to us.


4. Advantage channel

Some of our customers are amazon suppliers with big quantity and volume is stable, we can assure our DDP service is more cost-effective.


Welcome your inquiry of shipments.


Kind Regards

Gorto Team

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