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When Amazon SKU can't be match with Asin

release time:2020-06-13 | article source:

The mismatch between SKU and Asin is generally the cause of the mismatch between product categories and products. It is suggested to try to modify it.


1. If you don't follow suit and add your own new product, you need to make sure that your product is not published on Amazon.

2. SKU is a code that is convenient for sellers to manage their products, and can be edited at will, invisible to buyers.You mentioned that the new product automatically generates the ASIN code.

3. UPC belongs to GTIN, namely Global Trade Item Number (other GTIN: ISBN, EAN, JAN), which represents the uniqueness of your goods and is provided by the manufacturer.

4. Do not use an invalid UPC. If the UPC is not found on www.gs1us.org, it will be invalid.