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Special provisions for some goods

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1. powder goods

With the bag, the outer layer should use plastic film bags of textile packaging, ensure the powder not leaking, single gross weight of the goods shall not exceed 50 kg; for holding cardboard barrels, barrels, plywood barrel, the barrel requirement is not broken, the lid seal, tight joints, Kennedy consolidation with glass hoop; installed, each of the contents shall not exceed 1 kg weight. With iron or wooden materials for packaging, box with liner material filling. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should be no more than 25 kilos.

2. liquid cargo

The container must have 5-10% space, must not leak tight sealing Ping. Liquids contained in glass containers must not exceed 500 ml per container. The gross weight of a single piece of goods should be no more than 25 kilos. Box should use gaskets and adsorption material filling, to prevent shaking or liquid exudation.

3. goods that are not afraid of bumping

Without packing, such as tyres, etc., goods that are not easily counted, irregularly shaped, or similar in shape to the transport equipment or liable to damage the aircraft shall be bound with ropes or linen or with extra packaging.

4., precision fragile, fragile goods

The gross weight of a single piece of goods is not more than 25 kg, and can be packed in the following ways:

Suspension packing: with several springs or ropes, the goods are hung in the middle of the box in all directions of the box.

Multi level packing: namely goods - lining material - inner packing - lining material - transport package (outer packing).

The glass packaging: should use sufficient thickness of the foam and other liner material wrapped tight, plus a sturdy corrugated box or wooden box items notshaking.

Anti reverse packaging: that is, large chassis, portable ring or ridge type box lid packaging; not flat glass plate, windshield glass, etc., must use such packaging.

5. large cargo

The bottom of a large or heavy cargo shall have a tie or bottom support for forklift operation.

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