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Prohibited goods

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An object that threatens the safety of air travel; an object or substance that may obviously endanger human health, safety, or damage to property in air transport. There are mainly several kinds of special cargo transportation:

Small and valuable items: cash, securities, bills of exchange, credit cards, jewelry, cameras. Emergency items: drugs, keys, passport, traveler's checks, business documents. An article of no substitute: manuscripts, ancestral, fragile things: glasses, glass containers, liquids. These items should be taken with you or placed under carry on baggage. The airline shall be liable for the loss or damage of the luggage in the checked luggage according to the checked baggage. Passengers are not allowed to take control of the tool. Outside the control of the tool or blunt with checked baggage should be checked and can not carry.

The relevant departments shall issue relevant certificates before they can send baggage regulations for international routes.