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Packing and marking

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  1. The packing of the goods shall ensure that the goods are not damaged, lost or leaked during the course of transportation without damaging or polluting aircraft equipment or other articles. The packing of the goods shall be strong, well constructed and light enough to meet the requirements of the whole shipment.

2. The shipper shall specify in detail the units, the name, the detailed address and the storage and transportation requirements of the consignee and the shipper in the outer packing of each package.

3 the shipper shall attach or bind the carrier's cargo transport label on the outer packing of each piece of goods.

4 when the shipper uses the old packing, the residual labels and labels on the original package must be removed.

5. The packing of special goods such as living animals, fresh perishable articles, valuables and dangerous articles shall be in accordance with the specific requirements of the carrier for the goods.