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Amazon FBA logistics is facing a big challenge as the global corona virus spreading

release time:2020-04-08 | article source:

1.Shipping is tight  

The spread of the corona virus March has had a serious impact on the international air freight market. Affected by the virus prevention and control measures of various countries, the international passenger routes have been grounded and expanded, and the international airline network has been further blocked.

2.The operating efficiency of the supply chain decreases

In February, China's Spring Festival and anti-epidemic, a large number of factories stopped production, the area affected by the new outbreak accounted for more than 80% of China's GDP and more than 90% of its exports, resulting in a drop in global inventory of overseas channels. It is expected that the export of goods will gradually recover in mid-to-late march, but formed a sharp contrast with the decline in transport capacity.

The cash flow of e-commerce sellers is tight, and the pressure of cross-border e-commerce logistics is great.  

Due to the shortage of goods in the factory in February, the inventory could not be replenished in time, and e-commerce cargo transportation was blocked due to the impact of the large-scale suspension of flights. In march, the cross-border e-commerce will make up for the factory goods with cash, but this batch of goods is likely to collide head-on with the situation of shipment concentration, shortage of transportation capacity and high transportation price, which will cause great pressure on the operation and directly affect the collection of e-commerce logistics enterprises.