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International express importance

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Logistics is a necessary condition for international trade. Social production in the world will inevitably lead to different international division of labor, and no country can do everything. Therefore, international cooperation is needed. The international flow of goods and services is composed of business and logistics, the former by international trading institutions in accordance with international practice, the latter by logistics enterprises according to the production and market structure of each country is completed. In order to overcome the contradiction between them, this requires international trade in line with international trade.

FedEx international standardization refers to a system to logistics system, formulate internal facilities, machinery and equipment, technical standards including special tools, packaging, storage, handling, transportation and other types of operating standards, modern logistics and logistics information as a prominent feature of the standard, and the formation of the national and international standard system line.

International air express is one of AVIC international business. The company won the Air China bronze medal issued by the General Administration of Aeronautics of China, and signed direct cooperation with Air China (CA), Southern Airlines (CZ) and Korean Air (KE).