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Provisions for the prohibition of international express delivery

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International letter

All kinds of the letter is not allowed in the delivery of letters except with private and real communication properties file.

The prohibited from posting datestamped or uncancelled stamps printed in braille.

In addition to the insured mail, mailing currencies, traveler's checks, bearer notes, platinum, gold and silver jewelry, precious stones and manufactured goods, and other valuables to prohibit all kinds of letter.

Prohibited items

A variety of dangerous goods of explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, strong acid and radioactivity, such as detonators, gunpowder, fireworks, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, oil, raw lacquer, matches, pesticides etc..

The narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs, such as opium, morphine, cocaine (Taiwan).

The state law prohibits the circulation or delivery of goods, such as firearms, weapons, domestic or foreign currency.

The perishable goods such as meat, fish, etc..

The impeding public health items, such as bones (including incineration ashes), without tanned skins, without medicine for animal bones.

Such reactionary newspapers and books, publicity materials and obscene or destructive to the morals.

Is a variety of live animal (but the bee, leech, silkworm, Institute of medicine and Health Sciences sealed package and issue a certificate of posting for parasites and drugs or to kill the pests insects, excepted).

In addition, can send mail: all kinds of restricted range, in addition to the above, should also refer to the "People's Republic of China Customs on the import and export of postal items of regulatory measures and national laws prohibiting and limiting the mail items as well as the provisions of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications forwarding (area) postal prohibitions and restrictions.