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International express note

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The international express parcel weight to the actual weight and volume weight of two, the courier company will use two kinds of weight in a large accounting basis;

The calculation of volume weight

(1) four international express DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEX package volume weight calculation method: (length x, width x high) (CM) /5000, note that the length, width, height, units are centimeters;

(2).EMS postal express, calculate the volume, weight and weight of the long, wide and three side 60cm or more Parcels: volume weight (kg) = long * width * height (CM) /8000;

3 international express parcel of goods less than 0.5 kg, 0.5 kg per billing;

The following goods in accordance with 21KG small cargo billing, according to the first heavy, heavy billing, billing units for 0.5KG, 21KG and 21KG according to the above goods goods billing;

The international express parcel unit must ensure that the specifications of the goods: 1 + 2 + 2 long high width (330CM < the courier company specifications are not the same);

The international express parcel unit more than or equal to 68 kg / piece, must be packaged with a foot board (some countries reject the original packaging, pallets) otherwise express company refused goods;

But if the international express parcel, advance booking of goods: single dimension length more than 330 cm; weight more than 68 kilograms of goods; single goods not exceeding 330 cm, weighing less than 68 kilograms, but more than 300 kilograms of goods.

The international express price change is bigger, need to send express parcel, please contact the shipper of the international express company clerk to confirm the price.