GORTO logistics was founded in 2007, after 13 years of development for domestic well-known logistics service companies in the top level. GORTO logistics has been adhering to human progress, integrity, diligence, happy together, consensus revenue sharing concept of corporate culture, committed to providing customers with high quality and high level logistics service. GORTOlogistics advocate dynamic and innovative cultural atmosphere, and this interaction polymerization of excellent human resources.

GORTO logistics mainly engaged in international express, international line, FBA, Chinese head to Hongkong, Macao express mail and cargo, customs clearance, international cargo shipping etc..

Established in 2010 FBA head of logistics department, through these years of toil has accumulated rich experience, set up its own FBA Europe and the United States sent empty Shuangqing services tax, and set up their own cooperation UPS official UPS-SCS account provides a solution for the low cost and high security number for FBA warehousing.

GORTO logistics have a good business, good management, management experience, innovation and a lean, efficient, vibrant team.

GORTO logistics to provide 'a platform, two networks, multiple channels to customers and agents all over the world'. A platform, namely the advanced express information tracking platform; two networks, namely, direct peer distribution, delivery network; a plurality of channels, namely the integration of international and domestic well-known, high efficiency and good service, customs clearance and aviation enterprise resources, the use of their channels, for all customers and agents we use.


GORTO  logistics is committed to continuous improvement of service, continuously improve the efficiency, strengthen management, and strive to make customer satisfaction and agent. We have always carried out the 'customer, agent' as the center, 'quality service' as the purpose; to customer, agent requirements for the mission; to all partners for the purpose of profit. We value every customer and agent's Commission and faithfully deliver the customer's express and goods to the destination quickly, accurately and safely.

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